Everything is Looking Black


Thanks for tuning in to Prescription for Flavor your source for all things foodie and healthy.  Today we crack into a bottle of the Seven Deadly Zins in honor of Wine Wednesday and discuss activated charcoal:

  • What is it?
  • How to use it: medicine and culinary.
  • Does it have any actual health benefits?

Listen to find out how Adam answers the question of the week from Marley in South Carolina.  She Writes:

“I work in IT but am feeling burned out.  I have been thinking of returning to school and was looking at a culinary arts degree.  Does this seem like something too farfetched to try? Is the culinary field hard to get into?”

On a trip to the health food store Adam purchases QuePasa Nacho Cheese chips and a can of Zevia the zero calorie soda.  Hmmmm this should be interesting!  As always the opinions expressed are our own and we have not been paid.

Do you have questions you want answered by Jenn & Adam?  Leave a comment, send an email, hit us up on social media!

Remember a new food-health podcast coming at you every Thursday 🙂

Talk at ya soon! ❤


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