How to Have Matcha Better Health – Pun Intended!

Part of our Superfood series episode 049 is dedicated to matcha tea.  This healthy drink has been gracing health food stores and cafes for a couple years now.  With this trend still going strong we decided look at if this tea is actually good for you?  What else can you do with the brilliant green powder?  And everything else you didn’t want to know!

A “Trip to the Health Food Store” has us sampling Dream Match Tea Co brand matcha and comparing it to others on the market.

Deena from San Jose wonders how celery can help her sleep better.


Tropical Matcha ParfaitCheck out Jenn’s healthy breakfast parfait

Read more about Jenn’s opinion of Dream Matcha

Today’s must read blog by Desert Missus can be found HERE

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  • Check back later for Adam’s matcha doughnut recipe



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