Guilty Pleasures | Episode 045

Guilty pleasure foods are those things that you just have to have but feel sooooo guilty about post consumption. Or maybe not!  Sometimes it’s just those comfort foods that make you overeat.  Usually they are things that have some kind of emotional connection or provide comfort.  Today we discuss:

  • What are our guilty pleasure foods
  • The childhood effect
  • Effects on health
  • When is it okay to indulge

Question of the Week

Billy from Ypsilanti, Michigan asks “Adam – It’s barbeque season what’s your favorite way to grill?  You often say no more hamburgers so what’s your go-to grilling meat?”

A trip to the Health Food Store

Elk meat!  That’s right; Adam just bought some wild Elk and is making Jenn try it.  Meat!! For this vegetarian?  “I DON’T think so”!  Did she eat it?  You’ll have to listen to find out.


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