Celiac Awareness Month | Episode 042

What is Celiac Disease

Celiac is an autoimmune disease that is initiated by the consumption of gluten that can be found in wheat, rye and barely.  Symptoms are often extremely varied and can affect any and all systems of the body; most often people experience digestive issues, with malnutrition a common effect.

Hidden Gluten

While breads, pastas and desserts are obvious gluten can also be found in many prepackaged foods such as barbeque sauces, soup stocks, condiments, alcohol and much more.  If you have celiac disease it is extremely important to read all labels all the time.  Companies often change recipes or manufacturing procedures without notice.

Cross Contamination

I’m staying away from all things gluten yet I still have symptoms!!  This is so common especially when newly diagnosed or if you eat out often.  Many times this is due to cross contamination.  When non-gluten containing foods come in contact with gluten containing foods.  Depending on level of sensitivity you may experience symptoms due to a tiny amount of gluten that got stuck to something you have eaten.

Watch out for bakeries as flour gets into everything!

Why do some people experience symptoms and others don’t?

Often celiac disease can be silent; doing damage in the dark.  Many people are diagnosed be accident or in conjunction with another disorder or illness.  Other times symptoms can be so varied and minor that you don’t realize it’s a symptoms.  Common overlooked symptoms include: headaches, migraines, mild stomach aches, acne, dizzy spells, tooth decay, aching joints, susceptibility to common colds….


False negatives are extremely common when it comes to blood tests; while a positive means positive in some cases negative can also mean positive.  The only 100% accurate way to test for celiac is with an endoscopic biopsy of the small intestine.


All of the recipes on NaturalJenn and most of the recipes on AdamCooksEverything are gluten free!

Here is a short list of celiac associations around the world.  Most countries have thier own sites with resources specific to your region.


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