Guilty Pleasures | Episode 045

Guilty pleasure foods are those things that you just have to have but feel sooooo guilty about post consumption. Or maybe not!  Sometimes it’s just those comfort foods that make you overeat.  Usually they are things that have some kind of emotional connection or provide comfort.  Today we discuss: What are our guilty pleasure foods…


Who doesn’t love food?  The extent to which you love food could earn you the title of “Foodie”.  BUT do you deserve this title?  OR are you sick of people calling themselves foodies?  While there is no real definitive of what the term means; Adam decides its time to lay some foodie rules!

Celiac Awareness Month | Episode 042

What is Celiac Disease Celiac is an autoimmune disease that is initiated by the consumption of gluten that can be found in wheat, rye and barely.  Symptoms are often extremely varied and can affect any and all systems of the body; most often people experience digestive issues, with malnutrition a common effect.