Memory Boosting SuperFoods | Episode 041

As part of our SuperFoods series today we discuss three foods that help you retain information.  While these may seem like ordinary foods, they do extraordinary things when ingested on a regular basis.

  1. Lentils are one of today’s memory boosting superfoods because they are an excellent source of nucleotides.  Nucleotides form the basic structural unit of nucleic acids.  Dietary consumption of nucleotides may help reduce memory deterioration according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition.  Other dietary sources of nucleotides include organ meats and other beans.
  2. Concord Grape Juice has been shown to improve memory function in adults with mild cognitive impairment and reduce blood pressure in hypertensive adult when consumed daily over a 4 month period.
  3. Orange juice consumption is associated with cognitive benefits in adults with mild cognitive impairment and neurodegenerative disease.  Researchers looked 500 mL doses of 100% pure, fresh orange juice taken over a twelve week period.

Food in the News

Pop star Katy Perry has fans baking cherry pies all over the world.  A couple days ago she sent out a newsletter with her cherry pie recipe telling fans to make the pie and they’ll get a surprise.  The recipe was later posted to Instagram and twitter.

Question of the Week

Jenn and Adam give thier 2 cents on today’s question of the week from Emily in Atlanta Georgia; all about staying on track with diet plans.

Have other suggestions for Emily?  Write them in the comments below!


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