We ATE What?? | Episode 034

Edible bugs are all the rage!  80% of the world’s population enjoy insects  as a healthy part of their daily diet.  Packed full of nutrients insects are earth friendly foods.  The United Nations is urging people all around the world to eat more bugs! So we decided to give it a try. Are you brave enough? I wasn’t but Adam had no problem chomping those little guys like popcorn! This episode covers everything you didn’t want to know about consuming insects.

If you happen be in South Western Ontario during March Break (13-17) check out the Bug Feast at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory!

Want to have your question answered? Check us out on patreon.com/prescriptionforflavor


National Geographic Edible Insects


Medical News Today

Nutritional Values of Edible Bugs

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Bug Feast

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