Welcome to Prescription for Flavor!

Prescription for Flavor (PFF) is a podcast which discusses food, health and everything in between! Adam’s passion for food began as small child helping in his mom’s restaurant. Growing up in the food industry strengthened his love of cuisine. Ethnic foods fuel his passion allowing for an interesting fusion of flavors.

Want to know more about Adam?  Check out his story at KooKChannel.com

Jennifer has spent years studying health, physical and mental, which led her to yoga therapy and natural medicine. Armed with a Doctorate in Natural Medicine (PhD-DNM) and a Certified Yoga Therapist designation she brings out the healthy in all that Adam cooks.

Want to know more about Jenn?  Find her at NaturalJenn.com

While they may not always agree on how to cook a dish; Jenn’s light on flavor big on health while Adam’s, hold the tofu feed me flavor, they do always enjoy a good discussion on why they are BOTH right!

Each week they discuss how food affects us physically, mentally and socially. Learn something new, discover a food you just can’t live without and share in some laughs along the way.

Prescription for flavor is upload to SoundCloud every Thursday, find it here:



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